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Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking another dump

Dang constipated blog. Same story, months gone by and the blog goes neglected. Sorry to the 3 people who actually follow this train wreck. Life is really just not that entertaining at the moment. I am not spending much time rehashing on things that I am doing.

That said, life has been moving on. We have had a banner Winter with respect to snow and ice, so much so that I totalled my truck in one of the storms. On a more positive note we have been able to take advantage of the recreational side to all this white stuff.

(Yes, that is a boogie board with a trash bag on it. So what, it works.)

As things have started to warm up a bit I have been able to get out to the range a bit more. I actually managed to complete the test firing of all the guns I brought back in November. That was no small task to feed the guns their desired ammunitions and to find the time. Several of these guns haven't been fired in years, a couple are more than a decade without action, and one had never even fired a round. Good times. Here is my Grandpa Brummett's Remington 721 (probably the first brass cycled through it in 10-15 years).

Then of course there is the 45 Long Colt. Not a cheap cartridge. I will most likely have to invest in a hand loading press for this round if I want to shoot it much. Fortunately the Ruger Blackhawk comes with a 2nd cylinder that is chambered for the more economical 45ACP bullets.

In other news, I have decided to take a short break from cycling. I shipped off the Home Wrecker V8.0 last month to its new home in the NE.

I will miss the riding, but it is a necessary evil. For one it allows a bit of time for the shoulder to finish healing. The second reason is that it is easier not to spend money on bikes if I do not have one.

Last item to hit is the hiatus from woodworking. Yes, there is a trend here. No hobby, no hobby spending. Over the last couple of months I have cleared out most of my large power tools from the garage. Now there is a lot more floor space available for bikes and crap. Yes, we still have bikes in the house. Erin and the kids are riding now. I did put my 20in bmx bike back together to ride with them around the neighborhood.