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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Return of the 552

Return to the blog as well I suppose...

Well after 21 weeks I paid a small ransom and got the Remington 552 back from the "Remington Service Center" in Birmingham. Kind of a crock, for the money I spent I received the rifle back in no better shape and with the same glitch it had when I dropped it off. Regardless it is a beautiful rifle and shoots nice tight groups.

Despite the ordeal and the glitches which are still present I am happy to have the gun back. In spite of the mechanical issues the rifle fires very accurate groups. Here are a couple from today:

These were from a standing lane, me kneeling and bracing the gun by hand

Obviously the gun is more accurate than I am...

Same distance, just shooting from a standing position free hand.
Obviously from a standing position with nothing to brace myself on I am a mess and have no business shooting anything smaller than a rabbit out past about 40yd with the 4X scope. I can live with that.