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Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend review

Not much woodworking this weekend. My sister Shannon was in town. To top that we had the company Christmas party and some holiday decorating to tend to.

I did sneek into the garage for an hour or two in the afternoon while Erin and Austin were watching a play of the Christmas Carol in town. It was interesting trying to keep an eye on Faith and get some lumber milled. She was pretty cute other than the yelling. She would post up on the lawn mower with ear plugs and glasses (yes, it is currently in the garage for repair). From her mower perch she would yell random things at me.

I am trying to get up some sort of a simple mantle for the living room so that we have a spot to hang the stockings. So I eyed out some simple mantles on google images. I figured that I could use some of the offcut pieces of poplar since the mantle will be limited to 44in. So I picked out a couple of the boards, checked grain direction, and marked them up. Bandsaw to rip to jointer width. Jointed 1 face and 1 edge. Back to the bandsaw to rip the width. Planed to thickness of about 1.5in. Then I glued the 2 boards together.

I ended up with a 50in x 10.5in glue-up that I can trim to finish size. In typical Erin form she informs me that she doesn't want to have something that looks like a shelf. It needs to be bigger, more substantial. Yet again I find myself building to suit the Mrs. It is hard to plan ahead since our personal preferences are so different.

Oh well, off to put up the Christmas tree. Faith was very helpful in handing me branches for our fake tree. I am not sure how many more years it has in it. For us with young kids and puppy dogs running around it is just a safer bet to use the fake again this season. We got the tree up just about the time that Erin and Austin got home.

Just a good'Ol family weekend here. Hope everyone else is doing well.

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