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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And the finished project

Here is the end result on the bench.

1. Size: 101.5x27x36 inches
2. Twin screw front vise with carrier pins to keep the wood off of the screws. Extra points for kid art on the dowels.

Lots of grip. Here is a 9ft board in the vise...

3. Quick release end vise

4. Dog holes, for clamping boards to do surface prep

5. Mass. Bench itself has to be approaching 300lb. In the tubs is about 150lb of sand each. Very solid feel.

6. Knock-down construction. Within about 15 minutes the bench can be disassembled into the main components (legs, benchtop, vises, shelf, etc)

7. Thick, solid, heavy benchtop. Three inches of mdf.

So there it is. I logged just over 40 hours of build time. Started it on the 27th of December and completed it on the 11th of January. Plenty of mistakes along the way, but none too obvious. Gotta learn one way or another.

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