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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day pass

I have a couple of friends who have been taliking up the riding down at Lake Guntersville. With the recent rainfall it would be a safer bet than the local trails. We ended up riding 2 trails, both somewhat of a flop IMO :(

We started on an un-named trail that is in the process of being built up that flanks the edge of the lake. It has the potential to be a nice trail, but it is definitely a bit green still. Lots of off camber, IMBA would have a fit with the lack of shouldering. The crossings are mostly hike-a-bike.

Clay and Josh

A nice section of trail

Yours truly

the only bridge in the place

From here we jumped back in the car and headed up to higher ground to run the Golf Course Trail. Turned out to be a bummer as they have destroyed a good section of the loop clearing out trees.


Out walking our bikes in the woods

Used to be a trail in here

Nice little overview of the lake

Group photo-op

Last shot, my view for most of the morning...

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