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Monday, February 12, 2007


Downieville classic update
I got a letter in the mail from Yvonne confirming that she has updated our reservation to the race weekend. According to the site the race will be in the format of XC race Saturday and DH on Sunday. Not sure on the reason for swapping back to this order, but the odds of me doing both races just went down significantly.

FWIW Camp Yuba has a new web site.

So it looks like we are in on the 12th, out on the 15th, and that we can reserve additional nights if we want. I am thinking I might like to bank a couple of additional days and do some exploring or trails like Rattle Snake and Chimney Rock on Monday and Tuesday. Let me know if any of you are interested in staying and doing a day or 2 of casual riding after the race.

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Doug (aka dscot420 on MTBR) said...

Well, not much life in the peanut gallery. I spoke with Jon and Mike directly. Neither of them will be able to extend the weekend due to family/work obligations. Since I haven't heard much from anyone else I am going to assume that the plans are set and we will stick to them.