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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SS Countyline Race

Okay, any of you feeling manly? Yeah, me either. But I will post this up anyways.

when: Saturday February 17th starts at about 12:00pm
where: From Waddell Creek to the Pajaro River
Ride: Whatever you want as long as it is only setup for one gear. This is a fairly brutal trek from the San Mateo county line to the end of Santa Cruz County at the Pajaro River. Roughly 43mi. Beer will be handed out by good citizens at rest stops. First 10-12mi are on road back to Davenport. Last 10-13mi are on the beach from La Selva. Everything in between is railroad tracks and back alleys. Good fun and a test of endurance rolled into one. Tires should be big to absorb railroad ties, roll well to go the distance, oh and they should be inpenetrable to thorns/glass.

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Doug (aka dscot420 on MTBR) said...

Well, I came up with a few reasons to avoid this suffer fest and went to ride the trails at Saratoga Gap instead. I think it was a sound decision.

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