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Friday, May 25, 2007

It's a bust

Well, another week in the books and nothing to show for it. The house is in chaos with the move. This weekend will be the big push to get everything out that needs to be out. No major problems though, so I can't complain too much. The garage is starting to clear out. I am just amazed at the sheer volume of stuff that was packed in there. Not only are all of my tools, workbenches, and shelving there but all were loaded up. Top that with all of the house overflow and you have yourself a right mess. Oh well, it's just about in the books and then the majority of the rest will be the bedrooms.

Did I mention that moving sucks.

Riding, what's that? Seriously not getting out on the bike much right now. I swapped out the tires on the 29er (took off the narrow xc threads and put back on the trail tires). I was able to grunt out a short ride yesterday in the Lode. Pulled some of the tight switchbacks, but for the most part did the 90% and then lose it method. Those have got to be the tightest switchbacks around. Couple that up with the steepness and it becomes a real challenge. Bigger tires were a lot more comfortable and confidence inspiring, but they do add a bit of weight and resistance. Overall the bike is riding well and the rear wheel is holding up even with the flat spot, so life rolls on.

I got a bit of poison oak currently. Nothing major just small patches all over. I was asking for it though. Went out on Tuesday and cleared about a mile of trail that had been bugging us every time we rode through. There was a lot of oak in there. I don't think I had noticed that some of the big bushes were actually poison oak. So I pulled and trimmed the stuff back off the trail. I really should be covered in oak for the fact that I was out there in a short sleeve shirt. Either I got lucky or the stuff isn't that potent right now. That or I am finally building up a small tolerance to the stuff (I wouldn't count on that though).

This weekend:
Well, it's a holiday so an extra day is thrown in for most of us.

- Boys at Cyclesport are trying to get together a bigger ride on one of the days

- Trailhead is having their 10th anniversary party (beer and sale prices provided)

- Doug and family moving more crap out of the house (let me know if you are bored and want to lug anything around)

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