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Friday, May 4, 2007

Little bit of traction

Okay, so some rain is sprinkling down. Nothing major. Forecast looks clear for the weekend. Yet again, it is like a sign that we should all be on our bikes this weekend. Maybe a demo ride or laps in Wilder/UC. I dunno. Have to figure out something. I am kind of going to be wrapped up in packing and weed wacking.

Yes, packing. For those of you who don't know we have decided to get serious about moving out of state. It has been a discussion that Erin and I have been having for about 5 years. In that time we have seen housing costs go from un-affordable to ridiculous around here. We are moving out of our house by June 1st, but will be staying in the Bay Area until I secure a job. At this point our top pick is Huntsville Alabama. Going to be flying out next week to check it out in person. Hopefully we both find it as nice in person because it looks great on paper. Yeah, it will be a bit humid during the summer. And, yes, if we don't like it we can always come back to the Bay Area (not likely once we become familiar with reasonable housing costs though). So that's it in a nut shell.

I took another look at my 29er's rear wheel last night. Might just be best to take it out back and shoot it. The golf ball sized ding is enough to have dropped tension on the spokes in the immediate vicinity. Maybe xc 29er stuff just isn't up to the abuse that my 230lb can lay on it. Or maybe I should stop jumping and casing shit on it. I do like the bike, but replacing the rear rim once a month is going to get old fast.

The Ventana? Case things on that bike all day and it is none the worse for the wear. Hell, for all intents and purposes it is built as burly as most peoples dh bikes. Schwillis' demo only weighs in 2lb heavier. Yeah, it sucks to climb a bit but the convenience of having stuff not break just riding along goes a long ways to making up for that.

The Rock Lobster? F'that, it has been collecting dust solid since February. I don't think I have had it off the hook since March. It is a good bike, but with the weather there are just other places I want to be than on the asphalt. Kind of a weird transition because over the winter I was riding it solid enough that I actually became a lot more comfortable riding it. It is still sketchy, but not quite as hair raising to corner on at 30-40mph as it was when I first built it up.

The family? Everyone is doing well. Austin is getting ready to graduate preschool at the end of the month. All his evaluations went well, so he is off to kindergarten in the fall. Faith is walking and talking up a storm. Erin and I are a bit wrapped up in this whole relocation mess, but feel that in the end we will be better off.

On for the weekend?
- Fontana Nationals in Socal
- Coolest 24hr race
- Spring Thaw XC/DH
- Doug at Scotts Valley Cyclesport on Saturday 10-5
- Weed wacking, packing, and some moving at Doug's Sunday (let me know if you want to help)

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