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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Here we go again

Turning a new leaf, another project begins. I have spammed my 26in bike parts across the internet. Should have the majority of it sold off in a week or so. Then I will have funds to build a trail 29er.

I am really leaning towards a Turner Sultan. 4-4.8" of travel depending on shock/rocker configuration. Bushing reliability and chassis stiffness are major pluses in my book.
Sultan Details

On the other side of the fence is the Niner Rip9. 4.5" rear travel. Rear suspension similar to the DW Link design. A bit more plush, more active, and unfortunately a few reports of flex in the rear end.
Rip9 Details

Still plan on keeping the rear end of the bike locked together with the DT RWS 10mm thru axle. These have really won me over as the best way to keep the rear triangle stiff, yet not slowing down the already painful trailside flat repair.

Looks like the rear suspension by either option is going to be run by an RP23. So back to riding a Fox shock. Probably for the best. The Roco worked well, but didn't handle the chop as good.

Front end really depends on how much funds I can raise with part sales. I am really aiming for a White Brothers Fluid135 with a 20mm thru axle. But that will run me about $300 more than just getting a Reba 100mm. I think the WB Fluid135 will fit the bill and be much more confidence inspiring when the terrain gets rough or steep. The Reba is flexy at 80mm travel, I can't imagine it holding up well at 100mm and being pushed harder.
WB Info

Looks pretty substantial right? Not bad for a 29er fork ;-)

Going full 29er in my bike stable means that I need another wheelset. I am debating on new hubs or if I should just keep the saint hubs. I have been very pleased with the saints for their plug and play durability. They so weigh quite a bit more than a set of hope or DT hubs. Rims will be Stan's Flow 29ers. Tubeless is a good thing here with all of the rocks. Tires will probably get a bump to the bigger 2.2-2.4 29ers that are becoming more easily obtainable. Maybe a weirwolf 2.55LT in the back and a Specialized Resolution 2.3 up in front. That would roll pretty fast while still having gobs of traction and volume.

Stay tuned for further geeking out as I narrow in on the build spec.

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