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Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday morning follow up

Just closing out on a good weekend. No riding, but a good weekend overall.

We did Cold Stone Creamery on Friday to celebrate Austin getting high marks all week. This was the first week that he managed to keep consistent through the entire week with no incidence of misbehavior or not following direction. Cold Stone is good stuff.

Saturday I was up and off to Monte Sano for a trail work day. Pretty cool, not only did about 10 people show up to help but the park provides plenty of tools (weed wackers, gas, pruners, etc). We ended up making it about 1/2 way down McKay Hollow before most of the crew headed back. Robert, Tim, and I kept on trucking and cleared the rest of Arrowhead Trail and out to the Hikers lot by Burrit. For the last hour or so we were just hiking and only stopping to clear downed trees and removing hazards. The first half of the trail we really cleared good. Guess next time we need to head up from the bottom, then the trail will be good for another year or so.

After getting home tired and hours late Erin dragged me off to Toys-r-us and Costco. Great, just what I needed after hiking over 10 miles was to pace the isles at costco. We picked up a couple of costumes at toys-r-us. Faith and Austin have really taken to dressing up, so we needed a couple more outfits. Faith is a very cute Dr. She walks around with a needle and pokes you while saying ouch.

Speaking of Faith...
Ground breaking news, last night Faith dropped her first deuce on the toilet. Like most things she sets her mind to she is adorable grunting away on the pot. Erin kept asking if she was done. Faith would reply, "Nope" and then keep on working. She followed up this morning with a #1. I am going to cross my fingers, it would be nice to have her potty trained early.

Sunday comprised of family breakfast, Church, naps for everyone but Austin, a little shopping, Erin and Austin's cooking of dinner, and a family dinner. Pretty simple, but at the end of the day it ends up being something that we really enjoy. Only regrets on the weekend are that I didn't get a haircut and that I didn't technu up so now I have poison oak on my wrists. Not bad.

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