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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday report

Nothing much to report for the day. Robert and I loaded up a BOB trailer and headed out into the lower half of Monte Sano. We installed 4 trail signs in on Arrowhead trail. I am not sure riding in was a time saver, but it was more amusing. Since MS is so rocky the trailer was bouncing all over the place and we needed to stop and adjust multiple times on the way in or out. I took some video riding behind Robert watching the trailer and laughing. If I can get a hold of it I will post something up.

As it was we ended up digging 6 holes to plant the 4 posts. Twice we hit base rock before we has enough depth to place the posts. The soil here is interesting. It has a decomposed topsoil layer that is 4-8" deep, then it turns into clay, and depending on where you are at you will hit rock sometime after the clay is 6-12" deep. Since we have been getting rain (a little bit)the clay was very sticky.

Okay, so we planted some signs and then strapped everything back onto the trailer. Of course my string of flats continued with the trailer getting a flat on the way in. I had only a used patch that for some reason I hung onto and Robert had a tire patch that was probably 4 years old. Fortunately the tube had a pinch and a thorn hole so we had enough to make a marginal effort at it. Amazingly the tube held all the way out. I managed to wedge myself between a pair of boulders on the climb out. Apparently my pedals on the sultan are wider than the Raleigh. I pedaled into the crevice and leveled my pedals. Then I stopped. Just stuck. It was rather amusing since I was able to wiggle my feet out of the pedals and free myself.

After 5 hours tooling around in the park I wasn't really feeling like heading out for a ride. So I went to the bike shop and picked up a few goodies. Of course a new patch kit was included :-)

New Years resolutions are holding up well. I am a couple pounds lighter and drank a few less beers this week. Not sure if they were better beers, but the Pete's were tasting good to me.

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