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Friday, September 12, 2008

back in rehab

Once I started using scrapers I was caught with the bug. They are just so handy, but the drawback to card scrapers is that they can and do catch the second your focus wanders. So I started looking around for the typical scraper, the no.80. I had been watching e-bay for a few days when this 80M shows up.

Hmmm, what's that? Off to Blood & Gore for a quick ID. Apparently it is the ductile iron version of the scraper. Well, that could come in handy. The japaning looked good, but the sole was rusty and no picture of the blade. Seller claimed it to be a sweetheart, so I figured it was worth a gamble. Even at auction close it was less expensive than a new no.80 and much cheaper than the Veritas.

So it came in yesterday and I hit the net to find some information on sharpening and settings. I gave it a quick hone and was able to pull shavings (smaller shavings in first picture). But it was obvious that a bit more tuning and homework was necessary.

Today I got home and tackled it again, but armed with a bit more knowledge and familiarity with the intended settings. I flattened the sole, lapped the blade holder, flattened the casting where the blade rests, and took a bit more care and time to properly hone the blade. I was rewarded with fluffy shavings and a much more predictable scraper.
From 2008.08.19 planes

I haven't tried it with a burr. There is some debate as to the need for a burr. For now I figure that I will try it out w/o one. If I need to get more aggressive I will burr it.

A few more glamour shots of this Ol'gal. She cleanup nice for being close to 90 years old.
From 2008.08.19 planes

From 2008.08.19 planes

From 2008.08.19 planes

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