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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas wish list

Hey, never hurts to be optomistic. Someone might be looking for that perfect gift for their woodworking friends.

From Sawmill Creek
Best Christmas ideas under $20

From Lee Valley
Holiday Gift Ideas

My personal wish list:
- Lee Valley Dovetail Saw $69
- Lie-Nielsen 12in Tennon Saw $165
- Norton 3x Grinding wheel 8"x1" 80grit $47
- Norton Multi-Point Diamond wheel dresser $39
- Fine saw set 12-26pt $16
- Hock 2in Straight Edge Plane Iron $43
- Grizzly Double square $18
- Makita backing pad for sander $14
- The Handplane Book $17
- Workbenches Book $20
- Timberwolf 1/2x93-1/2, 3tpi bandsaw blade $29
- Woodcraft Gift card and size will work :)
- ZEM Hearing protection $20

Okay, long list and I fear too much on the high end side. Oh well gives some ideas anyways.

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