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Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday fun

Gotta love youtube for totally useless humor. Some people have way too much free time...

Well, yesterday was Faith's 3rd birthday. Time flies when you are having fun. My parents are in town and we had one of our friends over with her children. I will try to get some video and pictures up. She happily cruised around for the evening in a princes tiara and a pink tutu. So much for not raising a princess...

I have been scrambling to get the table together so that we could at the minimum all sit at the same table. Well, with about 2 hours to spare I got it up into the kitchen. Of course this isn't the final build. I threw in the towel on Wednesday and picked up a sheet of hardwood ply. Too much going on to laminate up the actual table top. I did have just enough time to stain and seal the legs, stain and polyurethane the top, and pocket hole screw the top on. This turned out to be a good exercise. It gave us a chance to test the table size and for me to get a scale model to show Erin the size. As it turns out, looks like the table will need to be somewhere between 6' and 7' to fit the room better (I built the plywood top at 8ftx40in). So, there you have it made a quick table and bought myself a little time for the other projects.

New tools!
Yep, my dad showed up with a truck load of stuff for me. Mostly from my grandfather's estate. Among all of the stuff that I don't need were some jewels:
- 2 10in hardwood screw clamps
- 2 12in hardwood screw clamps
- 4 Jorgenson quick clamps
- a dozen multi drill bits
- a cutting board (should come in handy for quickly cutting snadpaper to size)
- dremel tool, new in box
- a Stanley Bailey No.6 jack plane

I am pretty jazzed on this stuff. The plane was my actually from my grandad's step father. A quick type study of it reveals it to likely be a type 5 produced sometime between 1888 and 1892. This makes it the oldest of my hand planes. It is pretty rusted, the handles are toast, and the blade is rusted solid to the chip breaker. It will be a challenge to restore, but I was able to get it apart so at least I will be able to bring it back to life. I will add some pictures later.

Other treasures from the pile include a bunch of my old toys. The cool part is that Austin is hitting the age where he will be totaly stoked to play with them. RC cars, construx, and erector set type toys. Dad also brough my Sega game gear and nintendo gameboy. A bit of video game flash back. Hopefully sometime in the next year or so I can get my original nintendo and games shipped out here. Again, I can teach Austin to play these and I think he will be pretty excited.

So fun stuff. The garage is a mess again. Catch you later. I am off for a 4 day weekend. This government job is a hoot sometimes with respect to holidays. Seems like half of them are within 1-2 days of a weekend so it is just too easy not to stretch the weekend.

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