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Thursday, March 26, 2009

ever think back on where you come from

Over the years I have had a ton of bikes. I came across an old post that I had put up on the forums. Here is a snip of that I posted in fall of 2006 over on MTBR:

This could take a while, mostly chronological...

- race inc bmx
- redline proline
- panda pro am
- champion
- schwinn predator
- GT performer
- MCS pro bmx
- Elf doublecross 24in bmx
- redline proline bmx
- Shimano skykomish mtb
- Scott chromoly mtb
- Torker 24in bmx

Adult bikes
- Marin bear mtn
- SC Chameleon (slalom)
- SC Heckler
- SC Chameleon (xc)
- Intense Uzzi SL
- Chameleon (2nd slalom)
- Da Bomb Sputnik urban rig
- Specialized enduro ht (setup as singlespeed)
- Surly 1x1
- Litespeed Pisgah
- SC heckler (new style, 5th element coil shock, AM build)
- SC Chameleon (xc build)
- On One Inbred SS
- SC heckler (AM build, dhx coil, etc)
- Surly 1x1 (basic build)
- SC Bullit (freeride/am build)
- Surly Instigator (am build)
- Specialized enduro ht (am build)
- Cove stiffee fr hardtail, urban rig
- SC Blur LT (am build)
- Rock Lobster road bike (lugged and brazed baby )
- Rock Lobster EBB SS, rigid
- Specialized Rockhopper Pro disc xc with custom build
- SE Racing Assassin 20in bmx bike (for nostalgia sake)

That should just about do it. I may be forgetting something in there but who cares, thats a lot of bikes and fun. Obviously there were some repeats in there. Some frames I tried in multiple sizes and build configurations. I am trying to settle down in my old age and spend more time riding / less time wrenching, buying, and selling

Bikes since that posting (2006-2009)
- Raleigh XXIX+G 29er
- Ventana X5
- Turner Sultan
- Santa Cruz Heckler

I am slowing down. Maybe it is that I have come to a point where I know more about my preferences. Or it could just be that I am not constantly in the bike shop. Could also have to do that they are more expensive now without a bike shop bro discount. Of the bikes since 2006 most have served a full year of trail time. The Ventana was the only dud there. Who knows how long the new Heckler will be around. I imagine it will need to be my ride for 1-2 years. Eventually I want another 29er, but that will have to wait until all the projects and improvements on the new home are done. For now I am resolved to just maintaining this bike and enjoying the ride.

And here is a photo show of most of my bikes since about 2000:

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