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Monday, March 23, 2009

What's up with Kona bikes

They never seem to change much. Well, here's why...

Kind of thought Dave Turner was of the same frame of mind, but he flipped this year and jumped on the DW-link bandwaggon. Good timing since Iron Horse left a good hole in the market for a new leader in DW suspension last season. Apparently DW didn't renew their license agreement. Now Iron Horse is going belly up. Sucks to be $5 million in debt and trying to push Elsworth ICT as innovation to the cycling community ;-)

I got a good pedal in this weekend with a couple of riding buds. Turned into a 4hr run, but with less messing around the ride should only take about 2.5hr. We had something like 5 flats. Amazingly none by me. Hit Monte Sano top to bottom. First time I have hit Warpath on a 26in wheeled bike. It was a little bumpier than I remember, but no sweat. I am getting my shock pressures dialed in on the Heckler and it is feeling better with every ride. Swapping the bars out really helped make me feel at home. At any rate, about 12mi in the bag for the day and about 25-28mi for the week. I actually was able to pedal and push myself again. It felt like a real ride instead of a panting suffer fest.

Other news?
We went and got Austin kitted up for soccer. First practice is Tuesday. He wore his gear around yesterday and practiced in the yard for a couple of hours. We will see how he does on the field, but overall he actually looks pretty good at it.

I mowed the yard yesterday! Well, front yard. It went very smoothly. Mower appears to be running good. Way less bogging down with the new bearings and sharp blades. I think it needs an oil change, but otherwise should be good to go for another year :)

That's all I got. Time to get to work...

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