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Monday, June 8, 2009

Overdue for an update

Getting close to 2 weeks since I posted up. I managed to sneak in a couple of messy rides at the end of May. The last storm system left things very slick. Of course I had just mounted up a tire that is notorious for being a poor wet condition tire. True to form it didn't disappoint. Super slippery over wet rocks and roots.
The tire in question:

WTB Prowler XT 2.3
At about 850g it is a bit on the heavy side, but it mounts well tubeless and that is about the right weight for a 2.3 tubeless tire.
My last few rides have been dry though. Oddly I really like this tire when it is dry. It has a good compound and low rolling resistance. So I am somewhat torn. Do I just keep this one on and pray for no rain rides? As a side note, do not buy this tire if you have OCD. It will take about 20 minutes to cut out all 600+ of those molding hairs (don't ask how I know :)

I got my shock back from Push Ind. on the 28th.

They ripped out the stock damping piston and shims, replaced all the seals, and added a bottom out bumper. I gotta say it felt a bit overdamped on my around the block test ride. I was having a bit of buyer's remorse. However out on the trail I was quickly won over. The shock no longer wallow or dives too deep into it's travel. On DH sections it is smoother and feels just dailed. It rivals a coil shock for how supple it is. Very good work from the boys in Colorado.

So here it sits, "the Homewrecker" in all her glory

In the background is Chattanooga. That is the river that runs right by the aquarium.
I can't remember the last time I ran this long of a stem, but it feels good. It is what I needed to make the shorter top tube work for me. I have no idea how John, at 6'5", rode this size heckler with a 60 or 70mm stem. Crazy.

Speeking of Chattanooga. Here are some shots from my ride there on the 31st. I headed out there with some of the Sorba crew, Cam, and Clay.

We stopped and grabbed pictures along the way. There is an experts only playground a little over the half way mark. It is dubbed the "Chunk" section. We didn't grab any pictures there, but I will have to spend some more time there next time I am out that way. Some decent 3-5ft rock drops, tech downhill lines, and even some smaller jumps.

I snuck in a short lunch ride today and did the 8mi lunch loop with Clay and Jeff. Weather was great, not too hot but still nice and warm. Oh and SPOON!

Yep, that's right, ticks are everywhere. Not sure what is up. Must be the rain this year. Instead of a gradual ramp up it is a full blown explosion. Every few miles I find I need to stop and pick a few of these critters off of my lower legs. Out on the arsenal I have been picking up 5-10 per loop. Not much out on Monte Sano, but the overgrown trails on the arsenal are ripe. Fortunately I have been catching them before they get anywhere too exciting and latch on.

In other news. I have been playing contractor. Erin decided that a screened in patio trumped her planter boxes this year. So we launched into construction. We are screening in most of the area under the deck. It should go a bit faster now. I spent 3 days so far anchoring 2x4s to the concrete and getting the vinyly roof panels attached to the bottom of the deck. I am moving into the framing and closing it in, then it is just adding netting and a bit of paint. I will get some pictures up once it is in presentable condition.

That's about it. Some riding, some construction, maybe mowing the lawn in my spare time. Time is flying...

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