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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weather conspiring against me

Got my fork back from Push Ind. yesterday. I hastily installed it back onto the Heckler and started bouncing around and turning knobs. The compression side of things is very similar in feel to the way Push tuned my rear shock a couple of months back. It is stiff, yet moves well without spiking. I have been running the compression dial at about 30%. After tuning it looks like I can keep it full open and only need to lock it out for road or fire road climbs. Rebound, also like the rear shock, is slow. I set it to full open and it still is a bit slower than I prefer. The odd thing though is that on the trail this slow rebound feels great. So now I just need to get some saddle time in to get used to the new feel.

Well last night it started raining. Still drizzling a bit here and there today. So much for the Wednesday night Sorba ride. I noticed this weekend that Monte Sano has posted that bikes are to stay off the trails for 2 days following rain. Doh! I will have to go someplace that doesn't have such limitations if I want to get a ride today or tomorrow. Might go home for lunch and grab my bike then just hit the Arsenal trails after work. Nobody there cares if you ride when it's wet.

What else has been going on?
I rode Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Also got a ride in yesterday. So I am getting some saddle time. That always makes me a happy camper. Weekend rides were on Monte Sano. I took advantage of Saturday's solo ride to hit a couple of trails that I always ride past, but in the last 2 years have failed to actually ride. As it turns out I was not missing much. At least now I can say that I have been there and done that. Sunday was a full run repeat of Wednesday's group ride. Instead of racing dark on a 2.5hr pace for the 16mi loop we had a much more casual pace, plenty of breaks, and good fun riding at a 3.5hr pace. I held a decent pace, pushed myself on the climbs, and felt strong all the way to the end. Very satisfying.

After a couple of days off I hit the Arsenal trails with Clay and Jeff. Legs felt a bit heavy and the ride was painful. However I made the difficult climbs and kept a good pace for most of the loop. I even managed to do 2 of the climbs in mid-ring. My legs are definitely getting back in shape. Now if I can just tune the motor a bit things will really be shaping up.

Speaking of the motor, who turned off the beer spigot? I have actually decided to get serious about cutting down on the beer consumption. Who am I fooling, I can't quit drinking beer entirely. But I can curb some of the calories by drinking light beer and also by only drinking in moderation. Over the last couple of months I have been transitioning over to light beer for the majority. This week I am kicking off my beer ration. That's right, rationing my 6-pack to last 6 days. Is it possible? I dunno, but I am trying.

I have also noticed recently that Netflix has been upping the quantity of MTB videos they offer. This week I watched Klunkerz and Fundamentals. Klunkerz is a documentary, very simillar to Dog Town and Z-boys. It is a kool look at how the whole mess of popular mountain biking really came out of the woodworks. If you have netflix check it out. Lots of other good stuff in there as well.

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