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Monday, October 5, 2009

As promised...

Okay, Monte Sano Fat Tire Fest went off without a hitch this weekend. Weather on Saturday was fantastic, even Sunday despite looming clouds the weather held out. I think we logged about 18mi on the Rocky Ride Saturday. Clocked another 12mi on Sunday. If you have learned anything about my local terrain it should be that it is tough to cover a lot of ground. Our Rocky Ride lived up to it's name-sake, linking together 18mi of the rockiest and most technical terrain in the park. I lost toll on the body count. I think the end result was something like 7 flat tires and a broken wrist for our efforts. Out of our crew of 9 only 5 of us were rode the entire ride to the last technical climb.

Okay, photos...
(as always you can click on the image to see the full size over on picasa)

nice to see the dogs hanging out and playing, but please pick up the poo before Gary runs it over ;-)

the heckler, ready to ride for the weekend

Nice little tech section the club built up for the event.

Steve looking all business in the morning

Hey Sean, say tubes :-)
All of our flats were from riders on regular tires converted to tubeless and using some sort of sealant. My UST tires, although heavier, take the abuse of the rocks much better.

Dang gadgets. GPS tracks the ride better if you turn it on. Doh!

Yep, bottom of McKay Hollow. Had to regroup here and wait for Rick to patch his tire up. Punctured a sidewall on the way down, instantly flat. It was cool to see a 2ft diameter puff of Stan's escape as it happened.

Rick, Matt, and Rob (Mr MTBby198 )waiting on people fixing flats.

Traci was a champ, cleaned all of McKay Hollow only to have her day foiled when she tumbled sideways after losing traction in a slow tech spot. Who left that rock there anyways.

Richard clawing his way out of the crack. This is what happens if you lose momentum half way through.

Gettin'er Done the right way. Guess Sean and I were the only ones to make it through this tech move clean that day.

Lowest point of the ride. 3 Caves in the Land Trust. All uphill from here boys.

Moving so darn fast I am just a blur in the woods.

Hey, my arse (fortunately still blurred).

Climbing out Tollgate Trail. Almost done for the day.

That'll do. Chilling with Clay and Eric.

Clay even snapped some video. Didn't turn out so great on the trails, but on the playground it gave a cool perspective.

Monte Sano FTF 2009 Wooden Stuff from Clay Morgan on Vimeo.

That's it, I am wiped out from a good weekend.

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Robb Sutton (198) said...

That was a great weekend!

I miss all of the rocks. Great to ride with you!