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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Retrospective

Seems like as good a time as any to throw up a year in review. I am gonna keep this to the bike side of the fence. Lots of pictures, click them if you want to see the larger version.

Well, March was the month riding and obsessing over bikes began this last year. Towards the end of the month a new steed joined me for the season. Up until then I had been without a bike and obsessing over woodworking tools, techniques, and plans. That came to a grinding halt with the arrival of the bike Erin has since crestened "the Home Wrecker"...
HW v1.1

March 29th I took it down to Birmingham's Oak Mountain park for a bit of mud

By mid April HW v2.0 was on the trails (shock, seatpost, rims,and handle bars swapped)

A fun group ride on the same day, rather a motley crew

By the end of April HW v2.1 comes around (another new shock, thanks Stu!)
Took it out for some air on Arrowhead

May came and with it HW v2.2 (new tires, new stem)

Took her for a spin in Chattanooga at the end of the month

June came and went with no pictures
weather may have had something to do with that

By midway through July weather was a bit better. Jim took this picture up on Warpath in Monte Sano.

August and September also slipped away with not so much as a snap shot.
This stupid tree may have had something to do with that...

Once the late summer rains have subsided the riding around this end of the US gets a lot better. Temperatures cool off, rain is more predictible and less of it, trails are great. October was a big month and the start of a somewhat uninterupted riding season.
HW v3.0 rolls into the picture (another shock, tires, fork, wheels, stem, and seatpost)

Monte Sano FTF, always a great weekend of riding

the company isn't too bad either...

Next weekend it was off to Tsali, NC
Great trails and agian a fantastic group of guys to hang out with for the weekend.

By November the leaves are falling and everything is brown, yellow, or red

enter HW v4.0 (different forks, r-derailleur)

self portrait from a ride I caught with Steve out in the Land Trust. Note, they don't name trails "High" in California...

Despite November being my biggest milage month of the year I took no more photos :-(

More of the Same in December. Milage down to about half of November due to the holidays.

enter HW v5.0 (warrantied swingarm, another shock to try out, tires, SRAM derailluer, 31.8mm bars and stem)

and the last ride of the year...
Clay took this picture of me as I showed him one of my favorite mini-DH lines on Warpath

Well, I hope you enjoyed the ride. A couple of things come to mind for next year:
1. More pictures (at least once a month)
2. Less bike part swapping (I aspire to stop playing the shell game with bike parts)
3. Lose some weight tubbie ;-)

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