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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Light on the blogging

As always, this time of year the riding is less. Family and Holiday business takes the drivers seat. The blog gets the short end of the stick. I would say the back seat, but I think it either is in the trunk or thrown out the window. Sorry, not much to write about unless you want to hear the full details on the Holiday shopping, my workday, or random findings on the internet.

I have managed to sneak a few rides in this month, but it pales in comparison to how much saddle time I got in last month. Riding this month has either been cold or wet. I actually rode in snow on the 6th. Still kicking myself for not having the camera along for that ride. The trails have been in a constant state of slippery. You are either on mud, soft soil, leaves, or riding mud-packed tires ontop of wet rocks. It's riding, so I will take it as I can get it. But the pace is slower and the elements harsher so I might whine about it.

Oddly, as I sit here and complain about weather, it has been in the upper 40's and lower 50's all week with sun to boot. There is a thunderstorm prediction for tomorrow though, so trails should remain mucky for a while longer. On a positive note, the days are once again getting longer and spring is again just around the corner.

Happy Holidays. Thanks to all the nice people who have sent cards and gifts our way. They are really appreciated this time of year.

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