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Monday, December 7, 2009

Can't make it here anymore

Good little tune by James McMurtry

Came across this in my random interweb wanderings. Good for a listen. Sad but true.

Weekend recap:
Erin has been sick the last couple days. Nothing much going on around the house. Jenny and Robert were in town Friday and I dropped them off at the airport Saturday afternoon. It was nice to have some company in the house. Erin truly appreciates any time she can get with her mom.
We managed to get the tree up and decorated. I think this year will likely be the final year of the fake tree. Now that the kids and dogs are getting older we can start back on real trees for the holidays. I somehow managed to avoid doing any additional decorating. But I can only procrastinate so long.
Saturday evening was my company Christmas party. It was a nice gathering. A few more faces than last year. Jim and Brenda always do a nice job of making it a fun evening of fellowship for the employees. I walked out with a nice ornament from the white elephant exchange.

I managed a couple of shorter rides up in the Land Trust. Friday was just an out and back up Toll Gate Trail. I ended up off work early due to a software upgrade, so I figured it best to hit the trails :) Saturday was tanked by obligations, but Sunday I was clear for a ride. I ended up meeting up with a group of NASA scientists whom I had not ridden with before. It was nice to get out and meet some new people. Snow was still clinging to most of the horizonal branches of trees, but not much was on the ground. Obviously that means it was cold. Temperature was hovering about 40-43 degrees. Fortunately I do have some cold weather gear, so it was not a major issue. Traction on the other hand was somewhat an issue. The wet and cold made for slick rocks/roots. All things considered I was glad to be out riding regardless of the conditions.

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