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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the grind

Weather is again heading towards the wet side of things. I can't complain. Just finished out November riding.
Pretty much a banner month:
- 17 out of 30 days I was on my bike
- about 150mi ridden
- Rode Wade Mtn for the first time in over a year
- managed one double-ride day

So yeah, bring on a bit of rain. I can take it. The garage and the house could use some tending to. Things tend to get a bit neglected when all spare time is spent on the bike.

The roof is done. Now we just have to juggle funds to pay for it. Insurance does this nice thing called depreciation where they don't give you enough money to pay the whole bill until the work is done. My initial response to said bill was a bit of sticker shock. The invoice came in about $2,000 over the initial estimate. While that doesn't sound like much it is about a 30% overshoot. Live and learn, the way the job was quoted I basically handed the roofer a blank check for the unseen damage. Looking over the insurance estimate though it is inline with the scope of work, so we should be able to get everything but the skylight covered. So initial sticker shock aside all is well.

Thanksgiving has come and gone in our household. Honestly without any direct family here the holiday is not a huge deal. I got out early for a turkeyday ride. Got back home about the time Erin and the kids were finishing showering up for the day. Then we stagnated for a bit and debated about what to do. We had thought about going to see a movie, but there really isn't much playing right now that is appropriate for both Faith and Austin. So we hit up the Blockbuster and rented a pile of movies. I grilled up dinner, which is turning into our Thanksgiving tradition. Somehow it is just easier. We get just as much relief in not having a huge cooking/cleaning mess as the joy of having the great food. So it works for us. Steaks, zucchini, salad, and croissants made everyone happy.

Otherwise business as usual.

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