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Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday 10/19 Update

Yesterday Erin joined me in the final countdown to 30 years old. That's right we are getting on towards middle age. Erin has been somewhat amused and frightened by this at the same time. She keeps sitting with ladies at church that look her age only to find out that they are 22-24. Kind of weirds her out though to see that her perceived age is closer to 5-6 years younger than she now is. I haven't noticed this myself as most of my newly acquired friends are 30-40.

At any rate we had a casual evening and a dinner of Papa John's pizza. Thin crust and well done was quite good. I got home late from work to find Erin a bit bummed out. Her day had not gone as planned and the kids have been little terrors around the house lately. Her mood improved with time, a kid break, some flowers, and a present ;-) I was able to surprise her with a set of diamond earing studs. I was really at a loss for what to get her when that little voice in my head (you know the one where you hear your wife telling you something) piped up and mentioned that you can't go wrong with jewelery. So I listened and headed off to a store that has been advertising a moving sale. Jewelery isn't cheep, but at 50-70% off it is at least somewhat more palatable.

Her mood was improved to the point that I managed to sneak in a bit of bike wrench time. Got my tires and rotors mounted to the Halo wheels. Mounted the wheels up to the Turner Sultan. I need to mount a chain, install my seat/seat post, dial in the shifting, and secure the dangling cables. A quick stop by the Home Depot on the way home and I should be all set to finish out the build tonight. I should be able to hit the trails in the morning for a shake down ride. As it sits it at least is looking more like a bike.

No riding this week. Too much going on. I will get some more ride stoke up this weekend.

Okay, so I am officially a geek. I picked up a new watch at Costco last week. I didn't think much about it. I just needed a new watch. So I grabbed a G-Shock that they had for $30 figuring it was a decent price. I get home and start reading the manual. This thing has more whistles and bells than my old cell phone. It gets daily updates from the Atomic Clock signal. I knew that by a brief glance at the box when I bought it. What I didn't know is that it also has solar rechargeable battery power. The face of the watch is actually solar cells. Okay, I am impressed. I read further to find that it also has auto illumination. Yeah, that's right just lift it up to your face and the backlight turns on. Major cool geek points. Okay, check it if any of this sounds interesting to you...

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