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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just figures doesn't it

So I get the Sultan together, put in one ride, and the next day it starts raining. Hasn't let up since either. It looks like it will lift tomorrow, but the trails will need a couple days to dry out. I am really looking forward to dialing that bike in. Guess you just can't do anything about the weather. I have a couple of suggestions from the guys in the club for trails that will dry sooner than others. Oh well.

Not much more news on the bike front. I got a Maxxis Crossmark in the mail yesterday. I will be tossing it on the rear of the Raleigh for evaluation. Should be faster rolling. Will have to wait and see if it gives up too much traction. At any rate, first time I think I have been on Maxxis tires in years. I just didn't dig the way the high rollers gripped and they haven't had anything to attract me to their tires. Go figure 29er's would have me on brands and tires that I had written off years ago.

The Raleigh could use some TLC. I think it is about time to overhaul the fork. The hubs sound like crap and the rear axle is bent. It shifts fine and the brakes work, so I just keep riding it. But eventually something will have to give. I have been toying with the notion of offing the frame and wheels in favor of lighter xc stuff. Dropping 3-4lb off my xc rig is nothing to scoff at. Just need to make sure that the wheels stay at least as strong as they currently are. Maybe a spring project, maybe a never gonna happen project. Not sure.

Hitting short timer status here at work. There are still a few people who are catching the news late in the game. But whether they all know it or not Friday will be my last day here at General Products. Monday starts fresh with more new-hire paperwork at Teledyne Brown. From what I here the security clearance isn't that big of a deal, but paperwork for it sucks. Gonna have to see how that all pans out. For those using my work e-mail, STOP IT. Get in touch via my home address:


I will have a new work e-mail on Monday. Eventually, after security screening, I will have yet another address that will be @nasa.gov. Probably best to pull offline though and just use the personal e-mail.

On the home front...
Faith dislocated her elbow on Monday. Least that was the guess we got from the doctor and nurses. During the 2 hour wait Faith was happy, but wouldn't use her arm. Of course about 10 minutes before we are led to the doctors office she apparently rights herself and starts using her arm again. No x-rays and apparently no big deal as Faith is business as usual. Kind of weird, but I guess it is fairly common for toddlers who throw fits and pull away as they are being picked up. We will just need to take care from here on out.

Halloween and Faith's birthday are eminent. Planning has begun for both events. However true to our typical form we will likely be ill prepared for both. We picked up costumes this weekend, so I guess we are at least somewhat set.

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