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Monday, April 28, 2008

On a lighter note...

Downieville DH Registration was opened 6 days ago...

...it was full in less than 4 minutes
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Even those who were sitting at their computer waiting for the registration to open got outed. So much for grass roots. This race officially is a bunch of cyber nerds with bikes.

If you are interested you could still race the XC
Active site

Personally Downieville is done. Not worth the effort. Much better suited to a non-race weekend cabin rental with friends.

In other news, I got out and rode my bike this weekend. I know, shocking. Not much of a ride, but my fitness is the suck right now anyways. It was a warm and muggy South East morning on Saturday as I headed out. Temperature was about 80. I have been predicting that the trails would be lush and green again by this time of year. Well, spot on there. Everything is brilliant green. The trails are in perfect condition. One thing I had forgotten was the bug factor. Yes, lots of bugs around these parts. About every 1-2 minutes I would have to remove an inch worm from my visor or a spider web from my face.

It was nice to get out. I am rusty, but still was able to manuever around some of the tight rock formations on the Anendale and Alms House trails in the Land Trust. As I rode along I was quite amused by how different the trail looked. I had very little bearing of where I was on the trail since all my landmarks are now covered in folliage. I will take a camera out next time and try to capture some of the Spring colors. All in all I put down about 8 miles and was actually tired in the end. Combination of poor fitness, heat, and one of the tougher trails all conspired against me.

Of course the next day it rained like crazy, so the trails are probably mud again...

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