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Monday, October 20, 2008

Another weekend in the books

Yet again nothing impressive to show for it. There are 4 Hefty sacks of leaves piled by the curb, and the back patios are clean. We'll see how long it takes for everything to be covered in leaves again.

I got some shop time, but pretty much focused on clean-up. It has been getting increasingly hard to walk through the garage. Erin and the kids have a wonderful knack for piling stuff on any available horizontal surface. Add the cumulative piles to my half baked projects and you get a royal mess in no time flat. So I cleaned, vacuumed, and organized. I put up a shelving unit in the laundry room in attempt to help with some of the mess there. Overall it was somewhat productive, but I need to get rolling on my next piece of furniture.

Erin turned 30 on Saturday, so we spent the afternoon and evening partying it up. No, not really. We did go out to Bridge Street and check out the "fancy" mall. After malls like Stanford and Pacific Garden Mall it was really just a let down. It is nice and all, but we have seen better. We grabbed drinks and an apetizer at one of the restaurants there. Afterwards we picked up the kids and went to Rosie's for deserts. Overall it turned out to be a nice birthday.

We have been visited pretty hard by Murphy this month. Poppy has to go in for $400 in stitches after running into a screw on the trampoline. Erin's truck was overheating after a quick look I was thinking thermostat and maybe blown radiator. Sometimes it sucks when you are right. There went another $600. This weekend the weather really has truned to fall. On Sunday morning I notice a faint smoke smell and then the fire alarm starts chirping. Looks like our heat pump has a problem. Fortunately nothing actually caught on fire and it works smoke/scent free in the supplemental heat mode (using electric coils instead of the heat pump). But sooner or later we are going to have to shell out for a repair there. Really has been one of those when it rains it poors type of month though.

Hope your month is going better. Take care.

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