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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Celebrity status

Just cruising the net today and I came across this:
From Misc

Who is that dashing rider? Kind of looks like me, only actually on a bike instead of in the garage. Funny thing about sharing pictures over cyberspace, you just never know where you will pop up. If you want to have fun sometime, just google your name and see what comes up. I have heard that some employers will do this as well. Usually it isn't a problem, but I have heard rumor of one lost job opportunity due to a very lewd myspace page.

Okay, any news on the Doug front?

Nope. My ankle is still swollen. My garage is still a mess. I am still waiting on the last of the replacement parts from Sunhill to install my helical insert cutterhead into the jointer. The hall table is still not done, but I am making progress (should have it ready for glue and finish by the weekend). I got about half of the base scraped and sanded last night. That no.80 cabinet scraper is a great little tool. I can go from hand plane or milled surface, to cabinet scraper, and then a light sanding of 220g paper in a very short time. It is much faster than stepping through sandpaper grits from 100-220 and I think the results are also better. Happy to report that I haven't even thought about breaking out the random orbit sander.

On the ankle front, I think I am done with the big sympathy cast. At this point I am not really limping. The brace is causing more limping than the ankle. An added side effect of the brace is that my knee has started to hurt. So yesterday I just taped my ankle with sports tape. I felt fine at the end of the day. Today I had to run out and didn't have time to wrap, so I threw the brace on for the morning. Gotta say, I really wasn't expecting to be out of commission for this long. Guess I really did sprain it good. I am hoping this isn't a degenerative injury. Seems to me that I have sprained this ankle a few times. This is by far the worst.

That's all I got for now. Just wanted to throw up some proof that I do ride occasionally and even get caught on film.

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Anonymous said...

I knew that I had married a stud. I didn't know that I had married a FAMOUS stud! Oh, what a lucky girl I am.