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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend follow-up

I am not really sure where the days go. Another weekend in the books. I had big plans, some success, and a bit of R&R. This weekend was the Fat Tire Fest, but I chose to stay low and avoid it. At this point the ankle has finally reduced in swelling, but I am still in no position to be riding. So instead of cheering on others and helping out at the fest I took time to hang out with the family and put some hours into the hall table.

As of today I am applying finish and should have it in the house by next weekend. Finishing furniture is not my favorite. I think it goes well for stock varnishes and urethane coatings, but as soon as dyes and stains come into play all hell breaks loose. I find it quite difficult to consistently control color across the entire piece. Add corners, running, and drips and you have yourself a right mess. I may be a bit too hard on myself, but time will tell.

Erin has changed her mind on the overall look of the table and is now favoring a dark ebony brown for the legs and aprons. The top will maintain it's match with the picture window. Sorry, no pictures yet. Give me a couple of days and I will put some pictures up of the finished product.

I am already moving on mentally to the next project, the dining table. I am toying with the notion of trying to get it put together in time for my parents visit next month. Erin basically threw down the gauntlet and said I wouldn't be able to get anything together before Spring. You know me right, love to prove people wrong about what I can do. It is another simple table, darker legs, and Ash or Hickory for the top so that it ties in with the kitchen cabinets which are Hickory. Anyhow, should have a preliminary design before long if I am going to do this.

Okay, enough shop talk. What else is going on?

Eddie and Skye had twins just over a week ago. Sounds like the kids, a boy and a girl, are doing well and the parents are haning tough. Congratulations.

Interbike has come and gone. Very little ground breaking or earth shattering news. Still waiting on some of the revelations from last year to actually make it to market.
MTBR Coverage
Sick Lines Coverage

Biggest news that I saw was that Turner has completely revamped it's product line. They have dropped the tried and true 4 bar and bushing design and have gone DW Link. Can't say I saw that one coming. There have been half joking threads over on the Turner forumn, but honestly I thought it was all in jest. Color me shocked at the turn of events.
The 2009 Turner Sultan:
From Misc

The good news is that pretty much everyone had glowing reviews of the bikes from the demo rides. DW Link has been building a solid rep over the last few years and this looks to be a match made to take advantage of the design. The bad news is that you can expect anywhere from $600-1000 bump in the cost of a frameset, OUCH!

That's all I got for now. Play safe. Thanks for reading.

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