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Monday, August 10, 2009

Rolling with the times

Weekend recap. Not much going on around these parts. Erin had a class this Saturday, so the kids and I hung out. We lazied around the house for the morning. I had been getting a hard press to go swimming. So off we went. I grabbed some popcorn to snack on. The pool is quiet in the mornings and mid-day, so it was low stress. Spent a couple of hours going back and forth between the kiddie and the big pool. Surprisingly it was easy to get the kids out of the pool. I told them we needed to go get them some new shoes, so it was time to go.

Quick grab and go and we are off to the mall. Stride Rite was a mad house. There were hollering kids and strollers strewn throughout the store. Total chaos. Yet amidst the comotion there was a glimmer of hope. Some bright individual had put a sign in sheet to maintain order to the line of people streeming into the store. After a few minutes we were helped by a very nice lady. Faith and Austin were measured, had picked out their desired new kicks, and fortunately the store had their sizes in stock. Done deal. Wallet is a bit lighter, but we had been putting off the new shoes for too long.

Not really sure where the rest of my day went...

I got a ride in Sunday. Just a 2hr stroll through the Land Trust and Monte Sano. I did the big climb. All 800ft or so :-) from the Land Trust. I hadn't done that climb since fall of 2007. Gotta say it is much nicer at the beginning of a ride than the end. Up top I did an out and back on the Family Trail. Then I turned around and went out the Observatory Loop to Cold Springs. For the first time ever I managed to not miss the turn up to the red gate. It was a good ride and yet again I had the pleasure of setting an enjoyable pace since I was solo. I ran into Steve and Sean at the biker's lot. They had done a similar ride to mine, but in reverse order.

After the ride motivation was low. I drank a couple of beers, then convinced the kids we should go to the pool. And we ended the day hanging out over at a friends house. By dinner the kids were in super grump mode. So a quick dinner and then we sent them to crash out. Of course they were out about as fast as they got into bed.

Okay, weekend recap in a nut shell. Hope everyone else had fun and unproductive weekends as well!

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