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Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend recap

first off, I gotta try this...

Okay, so the weekend was one of those where it is over and I feel like I need a weekend to recover from it. Thursday actually stayed overcast, but dry. So I got home from work and mowed the front yards. I started to clear some of the grass growing in our gutter, but only made it about 50ft into that before the storm and lightening started hitting. It hit hard and fast. Within about 10 minutes it went from regular overcast to wind gusts, sheeting rain, thunder and lightening.

I was pulling the dogs in and watching the trees in the back yard. I was a bit nervous about the way they were swaying and decided I should probably be inside. Right about then I here a pretty hefty thump out front of the house. I am thinking it was a big branch off of one of the trees. I open the front door and find a tree is covering the front of the house. Doh!

That is about a 60-70ft tall Tulip Poplar. The root ball pictured was about 7ft tall. Not exactly the type of thing you want to have in your front yard. Fortunately no one was hurt and only minor damage was done to the house.

Needless to say, I called in sick to work on Friday. Ended up spending the morning on the phone. I had a tree service out to quote. The price to remove this beast was $4500. Yeah, not gonna happen bub. So for the minimal fee of $1000 they came out with a bucket and a crane and removed the tree from the house. That was probably still a bit high, but they were able to come out on the spot and get it done. I spent the rest of the day clearing what they had cut down. One of our neighbors stopped by with a chainsaw and helped cut up more and trim some logs to length. I ended the day by hauling 300lb of sand and a 50ft tarp up on the roof.

Saturday started at about 8am with more clearing. I had a loaner chainsaw from our neighborhood pastor by 8:30am. By 9-9:30am I had been joined by not 1 but 3 other neighbors all willing to help clean up. It was truly amazing to have that kind of response from my neighbors. Yet again a not so subtle reminder of how nice of a neighborhood we have moved into. Before noon we had everything we could clear with the 16in chainsaw either stacked by the garage for firewood or in piles at the curb for disposal.

About that time Eric (another neighbor's son) arrived with Daisy an 88cc husqvarna chainsaw with a 36in bar. The rest of the neighbors departed as he and his girl friend dug into the main trunk and limbs of the tree. As they cut off logs and slices I would haul them out to the curb. At about 3pm the deal was done. All that remains is the root ball.

After a break and some lunch it was back up to the roof to secure the tarp and make sure it was held down well enough to deal with another storm that was rolling in. I finished that up and then raced to get a shower and appear presentable for the company summer party. And then it was off to Guntersville for the party. We arrived late, left early, and I was not in the most social of moods. However the kids got to fish some and get a short boat ride in, so they were happy.

Sunday was supposed to be a crash day, but Erin had to be up early to get some books back to her friend via her husband who was doing the delivery. So we were up and somewhat going. I started cleaning up the Family room. I don't think the couches have been moved in a good while, because there was all kinds off stuff under them. Full vacuum of the room, rug, and couches. Erin hit the kitchen. Austin and Faith stayed out of the way and tried not to make additional mess.

About mid-day Erin and Austin headed out for some school supplies. Faith and I went to get some odd and ends, and a new swimsuit for her. Then it was off to the pool. Finally some R&R. We ended up staying until dusk and closing time. Erin and Austin arrived around 4pm. BBQ'd some hot dogs and called it a day. Done. I'm pooped.


mamaontherun said...

Your neighbors totally rock! I was telling Erin she would be baking cookies for weeks now. hehehe. So glad you are all ok. Loved hearing your perspective. Sounds like you got a serious work out in.

Anonymous said...

We had FOUR neighbors on Saturday. Howard, Larry, Paul, and Brendon. AND...we had two other offers to help. We are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

I am *SO* going to make my sweet hubby beer-cakes.