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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekend report

As promissed, big news over the Holiday weekend. No, not really. Sorry to dissapoint. Kind of went down like this:
Friday: bail work early to get in a short bike ride
Saturday: hang out, work in garage some
Sunday: hang out, make some salsa, work in garage some
Monday: hang out, eat some salsa, go to pool

Really, that's all folks. Sometimes my life is rather boring. That's okay I guess since I am oblivous enough not to be bothered by what I am missing out on for the most part. I am a bit grumpy that I didn't get a longer ride in, but the weather wasn't really cooperating, actually still isn't.

I snapped some pictures of the garage. I got around to rearranging the benches. The lab cabinets are now where the old cabinets were and the woodworking bench sits right below the peg board (guess I will have to add the pictures for it to make sense). At any rate, it has opened up a fair amount of space in the garage. Next will be some additional organizing. Then I need to get rolling on some more woodworking projects.

I even got around to installing the hose real. Yep, one of those Harbor Freight too good to pass up items that has been sitting in the box for months. Well, no more shall the hose lay coiled on the floor and trompled by little feet. A place of it's own and a quick way to get it there. A couple of small leaks persist in the plumbing, but I should be able to sort that eventually.

We are still in the aftermath of the tree falling incident. At this point insurance has ponied up. Now if I could just get the roofers to get their act together. They were supposed to be getting started this week, but the framer wasn't available on Tuesday to look at the areas we want to add skylights to. So here it is Thursday morning and no progress. I got up on the roof Tuesday evening to secure my tarp and cut out some of the gutter to prevent it from running water into the damaged facia board. Ended up with a bit of a headache when I stood up. Go figure, my body doesn't appreciate hanging upside down off the roof working. Hopefully this will be the last of my rooftop explorations for now.

That's all I got for now. Not likely to be much excitement the rest of the week. Looks like thunderstorms and rain out this way, so not much riding unless I pack it up and head somewhere that drains better.

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