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Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes, I am that picky...

Okay, some may already know the depths of my anal retentive nature (sorry Erin). For the rest of you here is a glimpse. Yes, since around 2004 I have kept tabs on stuff that I have installed onto my bikes. Everything from tires to seat posts catalogged for later review with notes. Hub measurements. Rim dimensions. You name it and I have probably geeked out on it at some point.

The item that has been most interesting to me is a recent development. I actually weighed my complete wheelsets (wheels, tires, rotors, cassettes all installed). To my surprise my "light" wheels are only about 1lb lighter than the current configuration of the "heavy" wheels. Yes, a pound is a fair amount of mass but off the cuff I expected more. Talking XC width rims and 2.1 tires versus DH rims and 2.4tires. The UST tires are mucking up the works. See true UST tires are thick and actually weigh as much as my non-ust 2.4 tires. Actually my 2.1 nevegal ust tire weights in at 100g more than the 2.35 non-ust nevegal. Doh, actually gained weight in that tire.

Here it sits (note edited from a previously posted picture if anyone cares)

Heavy "light" wheels installed. I am also messing around with a Maverick seat post. Note, don't mess around with Maverick seat posts they are royal pieces of $%*!!. Not sure how or why this design continues to live on under the Crank Brothers brand name, but the crummy design remains largely unchanged. Lots of side to side play and unreliable drop feature with magic creap up while riding. Only positive I can say is that it looks nice and the lever is quite a clever bit of engineering. Otherwise it is set for the round file or ebay.

Okay, I am babbling along about bikes and nobody really wants to hear that so I will sign this post off. Take care.

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Eddie said...

hah! Someone (me) does want to hear all the bike stuff!