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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ewww, the crud

Well, got a good dose of the crud this week. Not sure what it is. Basically some strain of influenza that is going around. Not a dehabillitating case, but darn annoying. Came on the day before my birthday and is still hanging around some. Basically a fever, body/head aches, and now a non-productive cough. Oh, and a runny nose the whole time. Can't a guy get a break around here? Hopefully I am on the upside of this and will be better by the weekend. I have had to take a few days off work.

What really sucks is that if I take one more day off it will be my longest vacation time since August. Man I hate blowing time off for illness.

So what's new??

I am middle aged or something. Just turned 30 on Monday. Oh, Happy Birthday Kevin (also a Feb 18th guy). Nothing too exciting there. Obviously with the flu there wasn't too much of a celebration. A chocolate cream pie and a pizza just had to do. Thanks to those who called to give me their best wishes. Sorry I am just now getting back to normalcy to be on the phone again.

...and yes that is pizza on my cheek

I got back out to Wade Mountain for a ride. Hunting season is over, so Steve and I were able to stretch out and explore some new terrain for me. There was a bit of mud in places, but overall good riding conditions. I will have to investigate a bit more out there as time permits. The overgrown poison oak and weeds have all died back for the winter, so the place is actually quite pleasant to ride right now other than a bit of mud.

The weather looks like it is heading back to the warmer side. We may have a few more iced over mornings yet to come, but for the most part we have survived our first winter here in Alabama. When it is cold here it feels really cold. That extra 10* cooler didn't look like much on paper, but in real life and with wind chill it definitely required an investment in some warmer clothes.

Today is Austin's 6th Birthday. Expect to see some pictures pop up in the next day or two. Time flies. I can't hardly believe that 6 years has passed. He is turning into a cool little kid. We will be partying down at some indoor jumping house. Lots of inflatable slides and things to climb, jump, and bounce on.

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