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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What, still not riding

Nope, not riding. It has been either fricken cold out or stormy if it is warmer. Just have not been motivated to get out and spin the pedals.

The office is a mess as always. Computers and parts are everywhere.

Austin now has a dedicated P4 rig. In a pinch it works when both Erin and I want to veg out on the net at the same time. Austin picked out the case himself. In true Austin form it arrived and he wanted to know where the red one was.

The LED's are a bit bright, but it does look cool. Since you can see the guts I did take some time and tuck away the extra cables. Austin is digging it and has a few games loaded up.

We had a full scale tornado warning this morning at around 3am. Erin and I were awakened by the warning sirens (picture the bomb warnings from WW II movies). Of course that brought us out of our slumber pretty f'in quick. Off to the computer to see what the heck was going on and what we needed to do. Fortunately the storm passed to the North of us. Did quite a bit of damage as it did put a whole lot of twisters on the ground. I think damage is up for investigation as to whether to call it a disaster or not. Body count was over 50 last I heard. It was really a freaky thing to have to sit through. The weathermen were excited to have the news, but have to play it down since people's lives are at stake. The real time weather reporting was fantastic and really made us feel fortunate to have such technology to see just what is going on. We couldn't even imagine hearing those sirens go off and not being able to know if you needed to hide in a bath tub. Must have been an even scarier thing 10-20 years ago when the alarms went off.

So obviously we are fine and life will go on. Hope all is well with all of you...

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