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Friday, February 15, 2008

Week in review

Well, kind of scrambled around this week. Spent the last 2 days stuffed into an auditorium attending a class/lecture on the rocket and management structure out in our organization of NASA. Some interesting points, but overall a couple of long and boring days.

I managed to get a ride in on Tuesday afternoon. Glad I did. I bailed out of work around 3:30pm and geared up in shorts/long sleeve jersey. It was a nice day. Probably about 60 degrees and the trails were relatively dry. I did some more scouting of the trails out on the Arsenal. Fun trails. I found better ones than I rode the last time. I also discovered a good loop. Short climbs that are spread out through the loop and a fairly good downhill run to close it out.

My Stan's Flow rim on the back worked well. When I converted it to tubeless it sealed with a floor pump and required no fuss at all. Color me surprised. I was expecting a silicon sealant mess all over the place and to have to pull out the soapy water to seat the tire. Nope, one advantage of converting tubed tires is that they don't have that pesky ust lip to get stuck on install. So even doing the tire dry it seated and sealed immediately at under 40psi.
More info on the rim

Of course I did manage to pinch flat my front tire on the aforementioned downhill section. So apparently my string of flats is still not quite done running it's course. I would like to get another Flow rim for the front, but gotta see how the rear one holds up before I put any more faith in them.

So there it is a ride.

Still tinkering with the computer. A new heat sink and a different case have dropped my operating temps by about 10*C. So my cpu is much happier. Maybe I can get a bit more speed out of my cpu as well. I have been running it at 3.0GHz (not bad considering it is a 1.8GHz chip).

Only problem with multiple computers is the same problem as multiple bikes. There isn't always enough time in the day to keep up with the maintenance. I can get away with neglecting a bike or two. However Erin isn't too happy when I have the computer torn down or if she can't use it while I am testing on it. Sucks having an active audience to your tinkering.

No pictures this time around. I will try and get out for something scenic this weekend.


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