What's the weather like in Doug's neighborhood?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Freekin weird weather round here

So this morning we awoke to this.

First time the snow has really stuck to the ground this year. What was even stranger is that by around 10-11am it had developed into a nice day. Partially cloudy, but almost 50 degrees. Austin grabbed some snow and stuffed it in the freezer.

As anticipated my tubeless rim made it here yesterday. Erin was busy cooking, so Faith and I built a wheel. Surprisingly Faith was pretty helpful. Okay, she was handing me spokes faster than I could use them but overall she was very cute about it.

Sultan doesn't look any different, but it is fully tubeless now. The bigger front tire did require a trip to the gas station to use a compressor to get it seated. Once the bead seated it sealed up very nice. I was anticipating a big mess since it was a tire with a few miles on it. I will keep an eye on things, but hopefully this whole wheel build will get me past this string of flats that has plagued me this winter.

My version of a garage. Really not too bad for an apartment...

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