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Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday already

Well shoot, another week down. And what do I have to show for it? Nada. Zip. Nothing.

I am still kicking back and waiting to be healthy. So riding and beating myself up at the gym have been off the back for the last couple of weeks. I am still coughing a bit, but it has been lessening over the last couple of days. Hopefully I will be done in a few more days.

I got my lcd monitor mounted to the wall above the desk yesterday. Guess that is an accomplishment for the week. I scrounged around the net for a bit to find a wall mount that set the monitor closer to the user, but wasn't ugly or expensive. Cheap may have been the best description for what I was looking for. I settled on this. It has a level bubble, but I found mine to be off level by about 15 degrees so I just aligned min the old fashioned way. End result is cool, more desk space and the monitor a couple of inches higher.

Talked with Chad over at red barn bikes and ordered up the matching rim to the one that I built for the back. So I will be running a full set of Stan's Flow Rims. Hopefully I will have a box waiting for me when I get home with rim and spokes. I can build up the wheel this weekend. Looking forward to being off of tubes again. Time will tell if this is the right choice.

In other news, I found another item that is cheaper here in AL... Building materials. I checked out the price of some 4ft x 8ft x 3/4in mdf and oak plywood. Typically the stuff runs about $40-45 in the Bay Area. Well here the sheets are under $25. Cool, makes my project a bit more palletable.

Project, what's this all about? Just geeking out, contemplating building a new desk. I came accross a cool site on building a DIY laminate desktop. Seems simple enough. Looking at $150-200 in materials including the legs. Then I could have a mondo desk, deep enough to keep my feet out of the cords and off the wall. I am thinking 72Lx36Wx28H. Only real issue is work space to build. Might have to see if I can call in a favor from my boss and use his wood workshop for a couple of days. Okay other problem is that I would have to locate my router and bits in the storage.

Yeah, I am this much of a geek...

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