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Monday, March 3, 2008

Blog me, It's Monday again

Hello blog readers and welcome back to another exciting edition of the Rolling lifestyle blog...

Okay, so maybe it isn't exciting. A guy can embellish a bit right.
Nothing too interesting out here on the AL front. Weather has been all over the charts the last couple of weeks. We have had snow, rain, and 70 degree sunny days. Even with my jacket fetish I am sometimes at a loss for what to wear around here. Today is no jacket. Tomorrow I may have to dress for snow. Weird.

Well, the whole family is still sick to some extent. Erin has been down for the last couple of days in some sort of a relapse. Faith has had the crud and an ear infection took hold on Saturday. Fortunately we caught that early and got her on antibiotics quick. By last night she was back to her crazy kid, climb on the coffee table, jump on the couch, and avoid bedtime at all costs self.

While Erin was trying to sleep it off yesterday I went into project mode with Austin and Faith assisting. I got some shelving up in Austin's room to get all of his videos and robo-whatevers organized. Kid has a lot of videos. With just vhs movies I filled an entire 6ft long shelf. Over his bed I mounted another 6ft and a 3ft in an L-shape so that he could set out his robots. It is high enough to keep Faith out of them, but low enough that if he stands on his bed he can get them down. This little project made their room a bit more functional. They seemed pretty happy with it as well.

Next project was to fix my jerry-rigged pc cooling fans.

I have been running a new cooler that uses a 120mm fan, but it wasn't PWM so I couldn't control it's speed off the motherboard cpu fan header. So I had it hooked to an aux header and needed to have something plugged into the cpu header. I strapped a spare 80mm fan on so that the motherboard would think it was the cpu fan. At any rate, I strapped on a new 120mm Scythe PWM fan on and got the redundant 80mm fan out of the case. The fan didn't work with the stock mounting hardware, but some steel wire made short work of that minor hurdle.

After a few reboots and tinkering with the duty cycle I was able to get the fan churning along quite happily. New fan is quieter and is running on the cpu fan header, so I am gonna call it a success. Only concern I have is that it is more concerned with low noise than cooling performance. I picked up another fan to try that outputs about double the airflow, but the downside is it draws 4X the current through the motherboard. It would keep the cpu cooler, but runs the risk of burning out a fan header.

Okay, sorry for geeking out on the computer. Kind of been my project for the last couple of months, so I usually have to purge about it here. New case and psu. Not sure if I mentioned these already. More roomy and more power. I e-bay'd off my other case. Amazingly enough I broke even on it, so not a bad deal.

No riding, still working on kicking this sickness. I am finally feeling pretty normal again, but am still coughing. Probably will throw a leg over the bike this week at some point if it doesn't rain much. Otherwise back to the gym. I got pretty worked over by last week's gym adventure. Gotta be more careful. I have been doing situps on the floor. Well, the gym has a decline bench so I hammered out my situps on it. It worked my abs a bit differently. Here it is a week later and I am still tender. It is amazing how changing up something so seemingly inconsequential can really rack you up. Lesson learned, gradual changes and lighter weights for a while.

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