What's the weather like in Doug's neighborhood?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Should have gotten out yesterday.

Well, raining pretty good today. So the trails that were drying up are now saturated again. Dang. Suppose I should just suck it up and go play in the mud tomorrow. My bike is still filthy from Sunday's ride, so it isn't like I have to worry about that.

Other than the rain today the weather has been picking up and really has been nice. Sunny days. Temperatures 60-70 degrees. Starting to feel like Spring out here. Some of the treas are starting to blossom or green back up. The grass is again starting to be green. Before long the barren winter look will be covered up for the year.

Nothing too exciting happening this week. We went to a dinner and talent show at Austin's elementary. If you haven't sat through a elementary talent show, well you just don't know what you are missing. Okay, not like I had anything better to do, so I am not going to complain about it.

Still kicking that flu/cough/whatever it was. For the most part we are back to normal. Still have a bit of the cough hanging around, but it is getting better with time. I gotta say, I would rather have a really nasty flu for a few days than this dragged out not so bad sickness for near a month.

That's all I got for now. I will try to get out this weekend with the camera and put up something more interesting than my rambling here...

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