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Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend doings

Busy 4th of July Holiday weekend. Lots of beer, bunch-o BBQ, and of course some good old American man time in the garage.

First off...
We did have a loss in the family this weekend. Dora was hanging with Al and apparently overdosed while trying to navigate the great unknown downstairs. Feel free to send flowers and gifts to our house for her services.

Naked dog!

Erin decided it was time to shave the dog for the summer. Poppy is still cute, but a little funny looking these days too.

Not so fine furniture 101:
Start with something like this

spend the better part of your Sunday and call it quits when you get something like this.

I still need to finish the cabinet/bookshelf. I just wanted to get it to a functional point before I threw in the towel for the night since I probably won't get back to it for a couple of weeks.

The day started so calm. Then one of the runts goes and topples the erector set closet organizer. This kicks me into project mode. I need another project like an extra hole in my head. But... I do have a piece of warped birch ply that could be used for a closet project. After most of my day you see the partially finished result. Warped wood sucks. I have been able to wrangle it into some sort of straightness, but it will never be perfect. Good thing it will spend its life in a closet. I will drag it out at some point and finish it, but for now I am tired and grumpy from fighting it.

The garage is coming along. I did some minor reorganizing. I also picked up a new shopvac. I gotta say, if you haven't experienced the new shopvacs you really should. I actually purchased both a Rigid and a Shopvac model this last week (I took the rigid back). Bottom line, these new generation of shopvacs are much quieter yet still work great. Austin has taken to clean up duty in the shop. Obviously I am okay with him wanting to vacuum my shop. Gotta say, dust is much better with a good vac and also keeping the mdf and router in opposite corners of the shop.

There are probably more things I should throw in here, but I am tired. Peace.

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