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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a square

Nothing too exciting this week. Just work, kids, cleaning, and some shop time. The weather has been really unpredictable lately. It will be beautiful in the morning and then in the afternoon major thunderstorms roll through. About 50/50 it will be back to great weather by around 6pm. Took a bit longer than that today, so no ride with the SORBA group. It's a bummer since I was off early enough to ride.

So I hacked into a couple of projects in the garage. Tested out some new polyurethane on some samples. Cleaned up my bench. I also dug in and squared up my squares. Yeah, they are supossed to be square but most are a little off. Surprisingly my $2 square from Harbor Freight is dead-on. The others required some filing and sanding to get into shape. I think my combination squares drifted from use. The small rose wood square was great on the inside brass indicator, but the wood exterior was a little off. So there you have it, my evening

I am going to go watch a movie now...

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