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Friday, May 9, 2008

Another week down

Friday, so gonna have to rock it
This one had me laughing...

Not much news out here. I modified a video capture card to fit into the desktop computer. One of the online stores was blowing them out for under $10, so I figured there wasn't much harm in making it fit despite not having the proper bracket. So in my spare time this week I have been ripping our miniDV footage to the computer. It is great to take inventory and watch some of the videos for the first time since they were recorded. In the tape format they are just not that friendly to watch or locate specific events.

So at any rate, I should have the last 5+ years of home video up in short order. I will load some of the shorter clips up to youtube to share.

No riding this week. It was nagging at me earlier in the week, but the last couple of days the weather hasn't been condusive. So I kind of missed the window of opportunity. Oh well, life goes on. I am surprisingly okay with my lower level of riding craze this year. It just seems a bit less important when there are no planned races or events that I have to be prepared for. I might try to do some racing next year, but this year is wide open.

We also got our next installment of the Avatar series. Austing is into the shows yet they are also pretty fun to watch as an adult. There is fighting, but it is done in a manner that isn't innapropriate for a younger child to watch. We of course devoured the dvd with 5 episodes within 2 days. Okay, I watched all of them in the first night.

Other than that just a bunch of work and a couple of six packs to show for the week. I went up into the Dynamic Test Stand today. It is about a 400ft tall test facility. Up top I was able to see all of Huntsville. On a clear day I imagine you could see to Birmingham. The interior of the stand has about 10 levels of retractable/folding access platforms custom cut to fit around the shuttle and the booster engines. Very cool stuff to see and mind blowing to think of working out and avoiding interference on all these platforms with just a paper drafting board.

A little page about the facility

catch everyone later...

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