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Friday, May 30, 2008

Moving up and out

Okay, been a busy week. We started moving and cleaning last Saturday. Since then just about every day has been filled with some sort of task. Hopefully this will make for smooth sailing come tomorrow. There are still a lot of things to move, but we have taken care of a lot already.

A little video on the home workshop side:

The first couple of minutes had me cracking up. Then the salad dressing story hit pretty close to home. I don't know what the statistics are but I am pretty sure most guys at one point or another have been sabotaged by a wife's loose lid habit.

I am still debating on how to arrange stuff in the garage. I would like to get just about everything on mobile base, but there is a complication in that the garage floor has a pretty good slope to the sides. This is great for drainage, but sucks for setting up tools to be wobble free at resting location and also in the middle of the garage. Going to have to think on that one a little. Should have some spare time while setting up the rest of the house to decide.

For now we are back up and running. The phone is plugged in and hooked up. DSL is active (sooner than anticipated). I was quite pleased that dsl relocation was as simple as just moving my modem and router. The home theater computer is hooked up in the entertainment center. I had to spend about 45 minutes last night building a cheap stand to elevate our TV inside the center. Fortunately I found the stand for under $20. I had planned to just throw together a basic mdf holder, but for the $20 I couldn't even get all the materials to build one. Not to mention we would have had to wait to hook up the TV.

So we have TV, toys, and some stuff in the play room to keep the kids happy while we are working our buts off to get everything moved on the weekend. Oh, and then there is also Grandma. My mom flew into Birmingham Wednesday. She is planning to help entertain the kids. Seems to be working so far. Austin was happy to just hang out and talk with her all day. Faith also was happy to see her.

That's about it. No riding this week. Only other toy to mention is our new gps. I came up on a deal that was to sweat to pass on a refurbished Magellan 2200T. It has proven to be very helpful on the 2 trips down south we have made in the last week.
A review of the unit
The device itself is great and the routing engine is one of the best. Original retail was around $500. At under $100 I can't complain. Seems the main complaint people have on this model is that the crossover capability is an upgrade and magellan took about a year to release it. I don't care about that, just got it for road trips and such. Our trip to Deatsville did require me to add a POI. Go figure, Deatsville didn't wasn't completely programmed into the stock map. It turned out to be fairly simple to convert and address to Lat/Long and then use the latitude and longitude numbers to upload to the gps unit.

Okay, take care on the weekend. I will be missing everyone as I am lugging furniture around this weekend.

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