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Friday, May 23, 2008

Okay, another website for you guys

Came up on this one while reading about rotozip tool tips...

No kidding. Just when you were thinking wood working was a bit dangerous for the average Joe these guys go and up the anti by doing it blind. Personally working with sharp cutting tools doesn't sound like the best idea to me, but more power to them.

If you have power point on your computer you can also check out this document
It is a lot more informative and obviously aimed at educating us non blind folks.

I have been reading up and doing some research for the impending home projects. Up front are a new dining table and hutch/server for the dining room. At this point we are thinking that the chairs are not really worth the time to build ourselves. Easier to pick those up at Peir1 or similar. Gotta say I am pretty excited. Last time I got to do any furniture was when we were reefing...
Obviously I will need to step it up a notch on my jointing technique in order to create furniture for the dining room. Should be a bit easier this time around since I will have full access to my workshop. Also the collection of tools has grown, which should eliminate some of the frustration.

Stay tuned for workshop updates. Erin has specifically told me that I have to help setup the house, not just my garage. Yeah, Yeah I know it is terrible. Gotta help around the house before I can play. So updates may be a bit slow until we are settled into the living space.

On Sunday I am going to do a quick road trip down to Deatsville. Yep, just some tiny town down past Birmingham. Got a smoking deal on a tablesaw setup. Yes, already have a table saw (thanks Dad). But the stock fence on mine requires a bit of tinkering to get a good straight rip cut. So the one I picked up has a $450 aftermarket fence system and an extension table that I can drop my router into. Should make for quicker and more accurate cutting on the table saw. It is also on a mobile base, which is a must for our small garage.

The race is officially on. Sounds like tomorrow morning we can start moving into our house. Yeah! So we have some packing planned this weekend. Also on the agenda is cleaning and repair on the house. Nothing major, but Erin wants to paint a couple of places and patch a hole in the drywall. Acceptable terms, I just have to figure out where the heck my painting and spackle tools are. Hopefully I can do a quick digging and organize to get a grip on where the necessary tools are this weekend.

Phone will transfer over on Wednesday, so if you leave a message on our phone it may take a day or two to get back to you. E-mail communication will also be down as dsl will take a couple of days to relocate. The 31st will be the big move day. Up until then will just be getting ready and buffering to make that day a bit easier.

Bike riding?
Yeah, got a little bit of that in this week. I commuted in on Monday and Tuesday. That gets me about 32-34mi on the road bike. Nothing to write home about. I am liking doing the commute by bike. It is a good way to get fired up in the morning. It is also a way to put a bit of exercise into the weeks that are filled with other activities. No plans on the mtb front. Maybe I can eak a ride in over this holiday weekend, but no gaurantee there.

Yep, still present and accounted for. Hopefully everyone out on the West Coast is staying clear of the fires in Santa Cruz county. Erin and Faith have had a random ailment for the last week or so. Seems like every time Erin gets sick lately she loses her voice. I think they are on the up-side now though. Austin officially graduated. Yep, one bona-fied 1st grader heading your way this fall. We are proud of him. Erin should have some photos up on her BLOG before too long.

That's it. Keep the rubber side down and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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