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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the saddle again

'bout time right...

Apparently this week is bike to work/school week out here in Alabama:
"Monday, May 12 - Friday, May 16: Bike-to-Work/Bike-to-School Week. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the Spring weather and try bicycle commuting whether to school or work. All 4th graders will compete on Friday, May 16 for the homeroom with the most riders and the winner will receive a Pizza Party courtesy of the Auburn Bicycle Committee."

I opted out on Monday since I have no idea where my water bottles are. Today I drove in, but came home for lunch. I decided what the heck and spent 10-15 minutes to get my bike in rideable shape. I hadn't even installed pedals on the road bike since moving here last year. True to form the Lobster just keeps on going despite me treating it so poorly.

Bike lanes are pretty much non-existent here, so I have to ride the edges, gutters, and botch dots to keep out of traffic. Despite the lacking bike lanes most drivers give a wide berth, often changing lanes while passing me. Kind of a weird phenomenon after being nearly taken out on roads like skyline in the Bay Area. Overall it will take some getting used to, but from the sound of it riding here isn't any more dangerous than CA. It is just that you don't have the "safe" bike lanes to keep cars at a distance.

My commute to and from work ended up at just over 30 minutes each way. Takes a little longer to get there since a couple of hills are more directional and I also have to stop and show a badge when entering the base. Honestly it is a perfect distance. Just enough to get a good spin in, but not enough to make me too tired on the way home. It should be about the same time/distance from our new house as well.

Okay, back on the wagon. After recent beer drinking binge stopped and even retarded my new years resolutions I have decided that I just can't be trusted with beer in the house. What can I say, I would rather drink it than collect it. Heaven forbid it go stale in my fridge. Don't get me wrong, I have yet to swear it off as a vile substance. I just decided that keeping it in the fridge is too much temptation for my beer cravings. Oh well, probably better to get in this frame of mind sooner than later.

So I bumped back up to just under 230lb. That is up nearly 8lb from my low. Not a huge setback, but pretty easy to see what had happened when 2 cases of seirra nevada disappeared in 3 weeks. Kind of an eye opener when you buy cases. It isn't much to think about stopping and grabbing a 6-pack when needed. But when you see a large quantity go away in one fell swoop it is kind of an eye opener. Also gotta blame house buying and eating out as prime culprits. No biggie though. Without the excessive beer intake and a bit of bike riding it will drop off quick again.

Okay, bike riding and an update on my semi-failed resolutions. Hope yours are going better :)

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