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Monday, May 19, 2008

Down South

Nothing says southern living like bowfishing and airboats
Seriously gotta git me sum of that ther action...
Actually found that site while digging for information for work. Amazing what google dumps into the results pile sometimes.

Bike to work week was a bit of a flop. Got rained out on Wednesday and Thursday. So I commuted in by bike 2 days of that week. Not a bad showing I guess. I think it is about 10mi each way, so it adds up eventually. I rode in today as well after helping Erin drop the Blazer off for service (there goes $1K).

No riding this weekend. My poor mountain bike is just hanging in the corner unloved. I did manage to give the Lobster a bit of love yesterday by picking up a new water bottle and changing out the handlebar wrap. Giving Easton bar wrap a try. Feels about the same as what I was running, but only $10. We will see if it will go as long. I dropped my levers down to a more roadie acceptable level and built up on top to make the transition from bar to hood less abrupt. Gotta say it felt pretty good this morning.

Road riding, atleast on the route to and from work, is pretty low key. Drivers here are indeed proving to be more accomodating at large. I am guessing since there is no bike lane the whole share the road becomes more of a constant instead of just a suggestion.

Moving day is approaching. Sunday marks the day that we can actually start moving stuff in. Utilities, mail, and phone have all been scheduled to change over. Good news is that our phone number will remain unchanged. We have started boxing up some stuff. I sold off our entertainment center. I was happy to get what I had paid for it a couple years back. Getting it cleared off and delivering it pretty much killed my Saturday ride possibilities. Life goes on.

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