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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Moving is no fun at all. Big haul on Saturday went without a hitch. We rented a 24ft U-Haul and filled it about 2/3rd's full twice, once at the apartment and once at the storage. The storage is empty. The appartment still has a few cupboards/closets with stuff in them, but is just 1-2 runs away from being empty.

The house, it's a mess. Boxes everywhere! I am not even going to attempt to document the chaos here. We are in and working on it, but we are doing double duty now between clearing out the appartment and moving into the house. I think a garage sale and major donation of junk is in our near future.

The garage, it's also a mess. But there is hope for it yet. I was up dragging cabinets around and fighting to get them level until about 12:30am on Sunday. Happy to report that they are in position and ready for some use. Of course I will have to get back to cleaning and repainting them, but for now they will be put into use. The beautification part will just have to wait. Here is a pan series shot of the garage this morning.

on the left (yes, there is a table saw in there somewhere)

Middle (workbench under and behind a pile)

on the right (built in cabinets, probably from the kitchen remodel)

far right (Laundry room in back, more storage)

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