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Monday, June 30, 2008

Case of the Mondays

I think I have used this blog title before. Oh well, I am not too picky so it goes back into circulation.

I got home this evening and gave a look at the lawn. Yep, I have been saved by rain the last couple of weekends. But I got out of my truck and thought it was just too shaggy. So I fired up the mower and did hot laps around the yard for an hour. I followed that up with an hour of wielding the Chris Brummett commemorative weed wacker around the yard. I even got the spots that hadn't been mowed since? Maybe never? The previous owners had laid some sod in areas of the yard that just couldn't be reached with the mower.

So now the yard looks nice again. Time to have a beer or two.

About 2 swigs into my second beer I decided to plane the table top that I glued up yesterday. Note to readers, drinking and power tools =BAD. Planer blades are enclosed and user interface is just feeding and catching the wood, so I figured I wasn't too much of a safety hazard. The top planed down very nice. The planer can still use some fine tuning, but is providing good results with the setup I have. I did end up adding some tape shims to the infeed and outfeed tables to minimize snipe on the ends. Here is a look at the top after planing a total of about 1/4in off top and bottom.

I forget the term for it, but the grain has some very nice shimmer to it from different viewing angles. Hopefully I can get a finish that will show this off.

The Sunhill sm-346 planer appears to be the real deal. Surface quality is good. Snipe is under .005" total for both sides, so less than .003in per side. Infeed and outfeed tables are setup fine to receive the 48x11.5 board that I was running through. Overall I am very happy with this out the gate.

A couple of small prizes in the mail today. One was my riving knife for the tablesaw. I am not sure it is necessary, but I figure the added safety is never a bad idea. At a measly $6 it is much cheaper than hospital bills.

The other package was my MLCS solid carbide spiral upcut bits. A fair bit more than the riving knife, but a great set of bits for use on the router. Since I have some mortise work coming up I wanted to have a few of these bits around. From what I hear they are great for all kinds of work with the plunge router. I will post back with some comments once I have some time driving them.

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